The first annual

Positive Impact Day

A chance for all remotes and dreamers in the Remote Nation to unite with a common cause and make a positive impact!

Get Involved on February 20th, 2017

International World Day of Social Justice and Presidents Day in the USA

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Remote Year + Valencia Project

A partnership built upon illuminating and addressing underrepresented social causes around the globe.

Remote Year

As a global, nomadic community across dozens of countries, Remote Year works with local organizations combating a range of vital social issues from poverty to animal cruelty to the refugee crisis to mental health.

Remote Year’s participants come from all walks of life with unique perspectives and skillsets who are actively giving back to the communities that welcome them in so warmly.

Valencia Project

Valencia Project was born out of Remote Year - a product of members of it’s Darien cohort. This grounding puts them in a perfect position to act as an amplifier for issues addressed by local organizations and creates a platform for sharing and improving the creative and practical skills of local communities and Remote Year participants.

Events That Never End

While we have defined, strategic outreach efforts, we believe that the work of Valencia Project is an always-on mindset. We are constantly looking to bring light to causes in ways that are in alignment with the needs of and relevant to those impacted by these issues. As such, we want to see what you’re doing, tag your content with #valenciaproject.

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